Vocal Coaching Services


For professional VO artists, production companies or students in training, these sessions offer vocal triage, assessment/referral, and coaching; they are bespoke to suit your needs.

Jennifer enables artists to maintain good vocal health and avoid fatigue, as well as attack common vocal problems and improve functionality for the medium. She can assist with advancing your vocal anatomy and physiology knowledge as well as biological application to enable you achieve success in the short and long term.

Whether it be recurring sessions or a one-off quick fix, Jennifer will focus on specific problems such as accent and dialect hurdles, tongue issues, pronunciation, breathing, passagio flips, breathy tone, constriction, speech impediments, diction and much more. Her work can also help create safe character voices for animation, gaming and narration or even just to fine tune the instrument for longevity and application to a professional voice reel.

Please note this is specific technical coaching, tailor made to suit the voiceover client, working on individual acoustic related issues.

If you are looking at voiceover coaching i.e. delivery, mic technique, working on commercial, corporate, radio or animation, or creating a reel and for representation, why not try our partners at RichCraft.

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