Vocal Coaching Services

Vocal Rehabilitation

If you feel like something isn’t functioning properly within your vocal pathology, please seek medical advice. As a qualified vocal health first aider and rehabilitator, Jennifer can consult, triage, advise and refer if necessary. This service aims to provide a 1-1 tailor made consultation and set of anatomical and physiological exercises to support your vocal recovery. Jennifer can provide up to date scientific research within the field of voice and aim to resolve non pathological related vocal problems.

Jennifer will conduct an initial assessment and provide vocal training accordingly. She can also offer recommendations for highly reputed Speech and Language Therapists, Laryngologists and Vocal Physiotherapists within the professional field, if necessary. A vocal rehabilitation session also covers vocal health analysis and voice prescription.

Jennifer is also a qualified vocal manual therapist and can undertake appointments for laryngeal manipulation in addition. This service aims to identify where the source of trouble originates from and treat it effectively with highly skilled manual techniques to mobilise and strengthen the larynx and surrounding tissues.

Whether you are post-surgical or suffer with voice or swallowing disorders, this process allows for a unique and individualised approach to your recovery.

Vocal Rehabilitation