Vocal Coaching Services

Manual Therapy

If you are having problems with voice, breath support, intercostal complaints, postural changes, GERD or reflux related symptoms, manual therapy intervention may aid a therapeutic recovery.

Manual therapy can also help with facial symptoms, hyoid and globus issues, voice and swallowing related complaints as well as dysphasia, dysponia and even thoracic pain. The goal of every manual therapy intervention is to allow a return to function which is very much patient led.

Jennifer can also aid release of the tongue root, enabling better articulation, diction, and sound filtration. The treatment can also help temporomandibular joint troubles, airway issues as well as post-surgical and radiation fibrotic dysfunctions. Jennifer can focus on areas of tension including the base of the tongue, pharyngeal and palate issues and even vagal nerve work related to performance anxiety. This therapeutic approach can also aid suck/ feeding problems, and oral motor dysfunction. Manual therapy should be used alongside other interventions to enable a well-rounded recovery.

Within this treatment we will aim to locate the area of concern working towards a long lasting, positive change within three sessions. This is a face-to-face treatment with a recommended session time of 40 minutes. Please note this treatment requires a hands-on approach in both lying and sitting positions. Please wear loose clothing.

Locations are Kidderminster and Birmingham.

Manual Therapy